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Companies try to get ahead of others by promoting their product or service first, especially if a product or service is similar to the product or service being advertised. It gives other competitors a chance to improve their ad campaigns and it provides people and companies the opportunity to promote their product, service, or brand.

Seeing advertisements for different products or services must be able to draw me in and entice me to buy the product or use and partake in the service. The ad has to interest people by using specific words, colors, and other ways to draw someone in.

The advertisement has to interest me order to buy the product or use and partake in a service, or to go out and enjoy events with family and friends. The ads that are intriguing to others, such as an event someone wants to attend, an amusement park family go to, concerts and other fun adventures, the ads must be eye catching and informative.

For example, one of my favorite music groups was performing in my community, and I went and enjoyed the concert due to two things: my favorite group performing and the advertisement I saw. Other ads that entice me to buy their products or use a service are based on what I need and what the service offers. Not all advertisements will be for entertainment, products, or non-essential services, but most advertisements will be informative and provide information on certain subjects and services.

When we receive information that is targeted toward a specific audience through an ad about a workshop and seminar, these types of ads may be service based, because they want to give out information about important topics, ranging from academics, finance, entertainment workshops and seminars, business seminars and events, and networking events. With all of this being said, there are many ways to get the word out about products, services, non profit organizations, and emerging new brands. However, this is where advertisement placement will take place.

There are many mediums that can be used for advertising. Mediums such as newspapers, community and job boards, television, social media and press. Television is a viable way to advertise, but could be costly, press is another way to get the word out, but in order for the press to be involved, companies and individuals must strive to build a good relationship with the media. Advertising achieves four things. It boosts sales by increasing them to reach new markets and attract new customers.

It maintains steady demand; it can also be seasonal based on when a product or service is needed most. It helps beat competition. Advertising helps in keeping up with rivals and in establishing a strong presence in the market. And finally, it educates clients and the public. Advertising informs clients on the uses, benefits and advantage of products and services, creating public awareness.

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